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ZSTQ Crusher ZS800TQ

Item Code:ZS800TQ Features:+ 60mm length knife + stronger than ZSQ + Economic
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+ ZSTQ series of crushers fit for materials such as small cubes (thickness less than 25mm), plastic lumps after single-shaft shredder, and thin pipes, profiles.


+ The length of each rotary knife is 60mm, thus the cutting power is better than ZSQ ZSV2 ZSV3 series.


+ Economic choice.


+ Rotary diameter of ZS800TQ is 510mm.


+ Capacity of ZS800TQ for TPU cubes could reach 500kg/h.


+ SKD11 knives.


+ What's special for ZSTQ? There are two feeding doors, onr for ordinay cubes, the other for long pipes, profiles.


+ All models are in stock.

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Product Name:
ZSTQ Crusher
+ 60mm length knife + stronger than ZSQ + Economic